4 Tips for Agile Marketing – Where Data Meets Personalization

Agile Marketing requires data and dynamic processes to fuel personalization.  Once and done annual planning and budgeting cycles are anachronistic for meeting today’s real-time marketing requirements and customer expectations.

Four Tips for getting Agile Marketing started in your organization

Leverage Marketing Best Practices while enabling flexible implementation

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and start by jointly establishing your company’s marketing best practices. Then, incorporate some data, a few new channels, and basic marketing technology to enrich customer engagement.

Take Risks

At the heart of agile is fast cycle experimentation, workable components and a scientific approach.  Begin by generating a series of hypotheses worthy of testing, establish a robust experimental design (objectives, metrics & a definition of success) and then “Test, Measure & Learn!”

Use Data & Stay Focused

Creating an integrated measurement framework for measuring outcomes and business impact is essential.  Marketers need to move beyond tracking activities (clicks, opens…) and integrate measurements across your entire customer journey.  Measurement silos by tactic and across your agency ecosystem are readily overcome by today’s marketing technology providers.  It’s actually the people and processes that pose the biggest challenge!

Avoid Sloppy Work

Fast cycle does not mean hackneyed marketing.  Integrating your marketing tactics across touchpoints and your customer journey will both amplify your marketing impact and create a more cohesive and engaging customer experience.
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